Thermal Gloves /Temp-Tec 332(Multipurpose)

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  • Effective thermal insulation and resistance to a wide range of chemical.
  • Multi-purpose chemical resistance (acids, aliphatic solvents) increased by the thickness of the material.
  • Excellent thermal insulation ,due to double-knit cotton.
  • Good grip of wet or slippery objects, due to embossed texture.

  • Petrochemical industry
    • Sampling of hot petrochemical products
  • Rubber industry
    • Polymer extrusion
  • Other industries
    • Steam cleaning
    • Road works in cold conditions
    • Manufacture of insulating electric wires
    • Boiler room work
    • Manufacture of adhesives
    • Handling of moulds in the ceramic industry
    • Handling of hot piping
  • Mechanical industry
    • Chemical treatment of metals
    • Oil quenching of steel

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Thermal Gloves /Temp-Tec 332(Multipurpose)

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