Flap Disc

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Suitable for:
 - Grinding and finishing of welds
 - Deburring,  rust removal and snagging
 - Suitable for most ferrous & non-ferrous materials
 - Excellent for surface finishing

Flap discs A/O
Aluminum oxide coated, for alloy steel and low-alloy steel
Flap discs Z/A
Zirconia Alumina coated, for high-alloy, stainless, and heat-treated steel; high-tensile, non-ferrous metals 
Flap discs S/C
Silicon Carbide coated, for marble, stone, glass, and non-ferrous metals

T-27 - Used for grinding flat surfaces. 
Most efficient when used at a 0-15 degree angle. 
 T-29 - Conical shape provides an excellent angle for contour and 
edge grinding. Best at a wider angle of 15 to 25 degrees.

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Flap Disc

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