MAPA Temp-tec 332 Gloves

Model: 332 
• Material: Neoprene
• Length:35.5cm
• Interior finish: Knitted thermal protection
• Effective thermal insulation and resistance to a wide range of chemical 
• Multi-purpose chemical resistance (acids, aliphatic solvents) increased by  the thickness of the material.
• Excellent thermal insulation, due to double-knit cotton.
• Good grip of wet or slippery objects, due to embossed texture.
• Application: Chemical treatment of metals; Sampling of hot petrochemical  products; Oil quenching of steel  ; Boiler room work ;Handling of hot piping
;Handling of molds in the ceramic industry; Manufacture of adhesives;Manufacture of insulating electric wires ; Road works in cold conditions; Steam cleaning; Polymer extrusion
• Size: 8,9 & 10
• Packaging:1pair/bag ; 6pairs/carton 

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MAPA Temp-tec 332 Gloves

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